OKRSOL does not condone or support any crime of a sexual nature. Anyone convicted of a sexual offense should be punished according to the law. Our goals are aimed at preventing unjust and unconstitutional punishments of persons convicted of a sexual crime from the time of arrest and after serving their time.

A person convicted of a sexual offense should have the same protected legal and constitutional rights as anyone else. Once their debt to society has been paid, these individuals deserve the chance to prove they have repented and can live without re-offending. As a former offender, they should be allowed to become productive members of society and reconnect with family without being labeled a "sex offender" and no longer be treated as such.
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OKRSOL does not provide legal advice or financial assistance. Please seek professional counsel for any legal needs you may have. Our organization is not equipped to provide this service, and as our financial budget is solely replenished by donation, these funds can only be allocated to maintain the efforts of our mission, vision and goals.
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