Consensual Consequences: A True Story of Life with a "Registered Sex Offender"
By Lynn Gilmore

CONSENSUAL CONSEQUENCES is the gripping true story of how one woman fell in love with a registered sex offender.This captivating story profiles the life of an average American family who is living a not-so-average life. ... Enter a new love, a good honest man living with the label of "registered sex offender."


This book has been created to offer clear-cut information and insights pertaining to the impact of current laws on individuals required to register as sex offenders and the collateral damage to their families, communities, and our nation.

Unprecedented laws have been passed in this country offering nothing more than false security in exchange for votes to public office. The most unfortunate aspect of these unprecedented and unconstitutional laws is that they establish a new precedent for future lawmakers.

Despised Things

Inspired by true events, Despised Things is an account of Kev Ketch, a marked sex offender, who tells his interactions with Anna, Hank, Manny, and Cross that ultimately lead to his arrest, trial, and spiritual journey. Kev has always believed that God watches the hearts of men, that as long as Kev tries to do what is right, his reward will be in the afterlife. ... With his life in ruins, his reputation in shreds, his heart broken, he cries out to God only to discover he what? That is what happened to Kev; but what happened to his friends who put him there nothing... ...except this book.

The World Calls Me SEX OFFENDER
By William Whittaker

What has the world called you in the past? What beliefs do you hold about yourself? Do you view yourself in light of what you did in the past? Is it possible that what you believe could be wrong? This is a true story about a person who committed a sex crime. It is also a story about restoration by the grace of God. "And you shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32 NKJV)

Two To Six: A Sex Offender's Story [Paperback] James p. Cornelio

Mr. Cornelio spent over 20 years of his life as a corporate attorney in Manhattan. On December 12th, 2003, he was arrested and charged with crimes alleging child sexual abuse. This is his story of how he struggled to cope with those devastating charges.

Sex Panic and the Punitive State

One evening, while watching the news, Roger N. Lancaster was startled by a report that a friend, a gay male school teacher, had been arrested for a sexually based crime. The resulting hysteria threatened to ruin the life of an innocent man. In this passionate and provocative book, Lancaster blends astute analysis, robust polemic, ethnography, and personal narrative to delve into the complicated relationship between sexuality and punishment in our society. Drawing on classical social science, critical legal studies, and queer theory, he tracks the rise of a modern suburban culture of fear and develops new insights into the punitive logic that has put down deep roots in everyday American life.

"By design this penal system churns the poor and marginal, rendering them all but unemployable, thus poorer and ever more marginal," writes anthropologist Roger Lancaster. "No legitimate theory of corrections, crime, or social order justifies this approach, which can only be understood as vindictive." 

Sex Offender Laws:  Failed Policies, New Directions

"This fine book by Richard Wright and his distinguished collaborators provides the evidence that wise policy-makers would want to consider. It covers every major field of research concerning sex offenders and sexual offenses and provides evidence of bad practices and policies. Intellectually honest politicians should read this book."

Michael Tonry, LL.B
Professor of Law and Public Policy