Spotlight Calls

with Vicki Henry

Tuesday, June 9, 2020
7:30 PM Central Time
Join us as we listen to Vicki Henry speak about...

Advocacy: Is it a tide or a tidal wave?

"At one point in advocating for the families of those required to register, the statement was made that nothing had changed. Are we still in tide mode or forecasted for a tidal wave? As the saying goes, "there's a reason the rear-view mirror is so small and windshield is so big!" Love challenges, don't you?"
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OKRSOL Spotlights on Zoom

OKRSOL has six Spotlight calls per year. With each call, we welcome a guest speaker to talk about an important issue of interest to our membership followed by Q&A and discussion. With our next Spotlight, we welcome a very special guest, and we want you to be a part as we hear from Vicki Henry from WAR.

WAR's vision is to abolish sex offender registries across the nation. Women Against Registry also seeks to restore life, health and freedom to all individuals who have been injured by the requirements of registration, especially innocent family members.

"We foresee a day when the suffocating stigma surrounding registration will be removed in favor of proper sentencing coupled with appropriate treatment; a day when the indefinite detention of civil commitment is replaced with compassionate programs designed to heal and restore. We hope for a day when virtually all who have offended against the laws of the land will be given the opportunity to rebuild a decent, honest life with the prospect of rehabilitation, reintegration, and redemption."

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